Orchids in a Gold Vase

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People love their phalaenopsis orchids. Their friendly fan shaped blooms and sweet lavender color make them ideal as home decorations and focal points on desks. Our purple phalaenopsis orchids come with a touch of nature that make the bouquet sparkle. Green sheet moss, green reindeer moss, and river rocks cover the roots of the flowers, so your recipient can imagine coming across this lovely vision by a river bed during a nice stroll in the woods. The dark green wire-like strands of flexi grass give the orchids height in contrast with the stocky succulents to give the floral arrangement depth and texture. The trailing stems with purple buds complete the sense of innocence and tenderness a bouquet of flowers can bring to any home. We put all this in a rounded gold vase for display anywhere.

Speaking of displaying, the person you send this arrangement to has endless options about where to put their bouquet. It is 32 inches wide and 36 inches high, with vaulting flowers that crown a zen-like natural garden. It makes a nice centerpiece on a dinner table or an end piece on a mantle. They also might want to keep it private on their own dresser drawer to perk up their room. The succulents are long-lived and the orchids keep fresh for weeks, so they can give a room an inviting splash of color for as long as your recipient might want them.

You can usually order this bouquet on the same day that you order it, though you may prefer to order ahead for any special occasion. The option of writing your recipient a note is also available, which is sure to give whoever you are sending it to an added thrill. If you are looking for a great gift for any nature-lover, appreciator of beauty, or anyone who loves an orchid, check out our orchids in a gold vase.

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