Heart of Roses

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This Heart of Roses Contemporary Flower arrangement is a perfect example of how this elegant shop got its name. This closely arranged spray of roses in the shape of a heart is the most beautiful gift a loved one, mother, bride, Valentine, or family could ever imagine. This luxurious motif is just the right gift for a sweetheart, Valentine's gift, a birthday, a corporate event, and so many more occasions. The roses in this arrangement are the deep red roses that symbolize love in all its definitions.

  • Passionate love — Eros
  • The love of friends — Philia
  • The love of parents for children — Storge
  • The love of humanity —  Agape

Along with the heart-shaped focal point of the arrangement are purples phalaenopsis orchids sprinkled in the center.

The lovely bamboo sticks add a bit of the artistic touch, bring in the exquisite Asian mindset, and create a slightly off-center appeal. This beautiful piece would be an excellent addition to:

  • A corporate event
  • Decorations for various seasons
  • A brides entrance on the church door
  • A Valentine party
  • A Golden Anniversary party
  • A newborn's hospital door

The creation is 16" wide, 19" high, and has a depth of 6". Amazing Flowers Miami uses unique, contemporary floral arrangements made exclusively with the freshest tropical and Dutch flowers. Naturally, you can have this arrangement or any other creation made to your desires. Imagine this beautiful heart in white roses, which represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. Or, you might want to make the roses yellow, a symbol of friendship, joy, and caring. Pink roses, through the ages, have represented grace, femininity, elegance, and sweetness. And, yes, blue roses exist. These flowers represent mystery, the impossible, or the unattainable. You will be telling the receiver that they are wonderful and unique.

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