Red Roses with Purple Orchids

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This exquisite arrangement with a heart of roses accented by purple phalaenopsis orchids is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime gift for someone special.

While this unique arrangement channels all the tradition and social heritage of gifting roses, this unique arrangement is not your typical bouquet. Dozens of beautiful red spray roses set in a heart are embellished with orchids and rose branches to ensure that this gift will be unlike anything your lucky recipient has ever received. The arrangement is set in a black glass cylinder with black pebbles to not only allow the long-term display of this beautiful piece but also to juxtapose the delicate vibrancy of this handmade floral masterpiece with a muted, yet lovely base.

Sleek and elegant in the simplicity inherent to floral arrangements, this piece will allow the recipient to display it in any design aesthetic for weeks. A single rose may be a traditional, private gesture of love but with this arrangement, your loved one will want to show it off to everyone they know. Red roses are the gift of love, passion, and romance and this arrangement delivers a significant impact to the door of the subject of your affections. With such a regal gift, the inclusion of purple orchids is only fitting. Purple orchids tend to symbolize admiration and royalty, and that is exactly what someone who receives this amazing gift will feel like.

This arrangement is 16 inches wide, 19 inches high, and 4 inches long. It can be shipped the same day or scheduled for a future date. If you wish, you can add a custom note to be sent with the arrangement. This masterpiece of floral art is guaranteed to drop the jaw of your loved one. Red roses are the flower of the heart in longing, and the artistic vision of this arrangement perfectly captures that feeling. Don't only say "I love you"-- say it in a beautiful way that they've never heard before.

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