Roses Within

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This arrangement created by the artists at Amazing Flowers Miami is breathtaking. The item includes two gorgeous clear-glass vases. The smaller vase measures 10" in diameter and is filled with lovely white pebbles. Red roses are added to the smaller vase. Then, the smaller vase is placed in a larger bowl of 15" in width. That vase is filled with Phalaenopsis orchid blooms. The orchid-filled, larger bowl and the smaller bowl with the red roses are tied together with a ribbon that closely matches the roses' color. The overall gift measure 15" in width, 6" in height, and 15" in length. If you prefer, you can divide the vases and use them as two separate arrangements.

The elegant lavender pink orchids juxtaposed against the deep, velvety roses make for a unique and almost hypnotic adornment to any table, console, side table, or bookshelf. The Phalaenopsis orchid's group includes hundreds of different genera and thousands of species. They have thick leaves, elegant, arching sprays of bloom, and are so lovely that they are featured in many of America's most luxurious homes. As with all our arrangements, Afv0-2 is eligible for same-day delivery. We also think it's nice to know that arrangements like this can be re-created using your ideas, likes, and sizes.

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