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With true artistic flair and with a design that is intriguing and delightfully refreshing, Amazing Flowers Miami have created this splendid bouquet for your next special occasion.

This arrangement is impressive not only in its size but also in its style as it has an unusual composition that achieves both balance and harmony.  Just as nature displays a variety of forms and colors in our natural world, so too does this arrangement which offers a beautiful array of flowers, colors and scents.

The bouquet is composed of long stem red roses which stand tall and visually provide balance and structure for the entire piece.  The roses seem to be shouldered by lovely, soft pink cymbidium orchids, and then gently draped, in a sloping line, with vivid fuschia colored phalaenopsis orchids.  Sitting at the base of the arrangement, is a rounded bunch of green hydrangeas which form a subtle contrast to the height and angular, vertical form of the red roses.  This piece is accented with the rich green colors of the aspidistra leaves and Ti leaves that give the piece structure and volume.  The entire bouquet is housed in a medium-sized, ceramic vase which is gray and white and oval shaped.  The result of this creatively designed contemporary piece is a breathtaking composition that is vibrant, harmonious, and very appealing.

The interplay of colors, shapes, lines, and proportion of this arrangement makes this glorious piece an arrangement worthy of display in a prominent location where it can be admired by many.  It is the perfect bouquet to gift your partner or spouse, relatives, friends, and even business associates.  It measures 40 in. high and is 20 in. wide, so it is also an ideal display piece, in the home, at the office, at a reception table for a wedding or party, or even on the bedside table of a loved one in the hospital. 

As always, we offer same day delivery, or you can schedule delivery for a specific date in the near future.  We'll include a personalized note if you wish to include a message and if you have any questions or requests, just let us know-our talented team takes great pride in creating the most exceptional bouquets to make your special occasion or event truly memorable.

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